Chinese dumplings 饺子的做法 – 以蘑菇鲜肉馅为例:Mushroom – Meat filling

Ang Li with her 2 Grandma’s

提前2小时准备:加入面粉300克,温水170克,盐1/4勺 – 搅拌至面团 – 将面团用保鲜膜封起来
Dough  – 300 grams of flour – 170 grams of warm water -1/4 tsp salt – Mix – rest for 2 hours.

蘑菇150克和半个洋葱切碎 – 加入绞肉400克,生鸡蛋一个,盐2勺,胡椒1/2勺,酱油3勺 – 搅拌
Filling –  Chop 150g mushrooms, 1/2 onion – 400g minced meat- 1 egg – 2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp pepper, 3 tsp soy sauce – Mix

把面团搓成长条 – 切割成大小均等的剂子(2.5厘米宽)- 按扁为中间厚边缘薄手掌大小的圆片
Roll – Flatten small balls of Dough  – form palm-sized wrapper – center a bit thicker than the edge

每片饺子皮上放一勺馅料 – 食指蘸水并润湿饺子皮边沿– 包饺子(怎么开心怎么来)
Stuffing –  1 tsp filling on each dumpling wrapper – moisten to stick edges with water

开水煮沸 – 放入包好的饺子 – 调至中火 – 适时搅水 – 煮至所有饺子漂起来
– 加入半杯冷水 – 煮至沸腾 – 完成!
Cook – bring water to boil in pot – drop dumplings – medium fire – stir  water gently – Boil till  dumplings float – Add 1/2 cup of cold water – Boil again – Done – Strain out of water.  Make in Batchs – Dont overcrowd.

*Adjust salt, pepper and soy sauce to taste

**Highly recommend: dip in vinegar. dumplings will taste even better!

***As you now know the “basics”, you can do magic with the fillings. Replace mushroom with celery/Chinese cabbage/bamboo shoots/corn kernels /carrots, or shrimps!

Finally we have the real chinese Dumplings we can make at home!!! mmm….. my family love dumplings.   The whole batch  will be gone in no time!!

Thanks Ang Li !!  You are the Best!! Thank you Ang Li’s Grandma and Mom!!


Chinese dumplings


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