Be The Real You

Be Yourself and the Right People Will Love the Real You

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Change nothing just be yourself to experience peace.

― Tapan Ghosh




Fairness and Equality

Equality means everyone gets the same.

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Fairness means everyone gets what they need.

― Rick Riordan




One day at a time...

It has been recently announced that the new Doctor Who will be played by a female. Great! Fantastic! Is it? I have no clue; never watched that series; never heard of that actress before; probably will never watch it in the future, either. But the Internet is celebrating as if all the world’s wars came to an end.

For those of you who do not know what “Doctor Who” is all about – the show is about “the Doctor”, who travels the Universe in his time-travelling spaceship, helping different civilizations. The show started in the 1960s, and has since seen 12 different people play the main role. Because the very first “Doctor” started getting sick a few years into the show, the writers decided to write in a story about regeneration through reincarnation, which made it possible for different people to play the same character for years. All of the…

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Each Day a New Day

Each day its new “You”. What you do today matters the most..!!!

There is always a way

Celebrate the little wins, no matter how small it is.


1)15 Minutes Exercise

Just minutes work out everyday can reduce your blood pressure and boost your brain’s efficiency. Bonus is you will reduce body fat.

2)Prepare at least one healthy meal a day

Spending time preparing healthy meal not only keeps you healthy, but also increase the level of happiness each day. Try adding Vegetables, fruits and nuts every day after meal to lead a healthy life.

3)Listen to Music, Music and Music

It has been scientifically proven that jamming some music is the best way to improve your mood and help you sleep. If you ever feel depressed just a 20 minutes music is enough to heal you.  I have Personally experienced..!!

4)Forgive people

To me, forgiveness is looking directly in the face of someone and tell them “Its Okay”. Forgiveness lets you throw away the pain caused inside yourself and let your fellow beings a reason to believe you…

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