Sweet Summer Surprise – Vegan Fruity Treat

Avacado Mango Vegan Dessert Sugar Free

A Delicious and Healthy Dessert recipe shared by Svetlana 

Peal – Chop  – 4 large Avocados – 1 Mango + 1 Mango

Blend – Chopped  Avocados – 1 chopped Mango – Juice of 6-8 Lemon – Stevia  to Taste. – Avocado Mango Mousse

Serve – Spread Avocado Mango Mousse  in a Dish – Top with Chopped Mango

Garnish –  With Cacao Nibs.

Quick Easy Delicious Yummy Dessert Ready to Enjoy!!

Note – If thicker mousse preffered add a couple of spoons of coconut oil and leave in the fridge for a couple of hours. Use sugar instead of Stevia

This recipe was submitted by my dear friend Svetlana.  She is truly passionate about physical and psychological health. Having had a lot of cases of diabetics in her family back in Russia she is striving to control now her own family’s sugar intake and maintain a healthy diet.  For more information please check  the below link.


Fruity Vegan Dessert Recipe with Mango and Avacado garnished with Cacao Nibs. Easy Delicious Summer Fruit Dessert.




Strawberry Trifle with Mixed Nuts

Strawberry Trifle with nuts

Blend  – 2 cups Strawberries – blend to form Puree

Mix  – 1 tbsp. Corn Starch  – 1/2 cup  Water.

Sauce – Bring Strawberries Puree to Boil – Add Corn Starch Mix – Boil few 4-5 mnts – Cool Strawberry Sauce

Whip  – 2 cups  Chilled Heavy Cream – 1 tbsp. powdered Sugar – Whip – 2 mnts – till Soft Peak –  Add 250 g Mascarpone Cheese  – Whip -2 mnts  – till Stiff  – Cream Layer.

Chop – Mixed Nuts – 1 cup

Layer – Cream Layer then  Mixed Chopped Nuts  then Cream Layer – Finally Strawberry Sauce.


Decorate with Sprinkles of Choice and Serve Strawberry Trifle with Mixed Nuts Super Delicious and Super Easy.

This Dessert was served at Zeina’s Engagement Party.   The combination of Cream and Nuts with Strawberry Sauce was a winning combination.

Thank you Zeina for your invitation.   It was a wonderful party.   You looked like a Movie Star.    I enjoyed meeting Alexander and his Parents and his beautiful sisters and  your Parents Sister and Brother too.  Everybody was so welcoming and warm. 

When I went to say  goodbye to your parents your dad took me back in, where the party was still in full swing with Music and Dance,   to try few delicious Syrian Dessert before leaving.   So Heartwarming and Sincere!!

Strawberry Trifle with Mixed Nuts Recipe Easy Simple and Delicious.







Easy Cheesy Bread Pizza 2 ways

Cheesy Bread Pizza 2 ways

Sauce –   1 tbsp. Tomato Paste – 1/2 tsp. Garlic –  Pinch of  Chilli and Salt to taste – 1 tsp. Olive Oil – Mix well

Spead – Toast 2 slices of Bread – Spread Sauce – Slice of Cheese on top – Spread Parsley

Method 1 – Microwave Toast for +/- 1 mnt – Done

Method 2 –  Heat  Skillet – Fry Toast Cheese Side down – Low flame – Press with ladle – Carefully Turn and warm the other side – Leftover cheese sticks to other side – Done

Delicious Yummy Cheesy Bread Pizza for Beakfast or Snack time.  

Note :   Use Tomato Chutney or Tapenade or Pesto as Sauce.   Sprinkle herbs of Choice. I have used Gouda Cheese for this recipe.  Use Cheese of Choice.

Recipe for Homemade Cheesy Pizza Bread  Stove top or Microwave. Quick and Easy.






Aubergine Melts with Tapenade

Recipe Aubergine Melts with Mozzarella Cheese and Tapenade

Cut – In Halves – Aubergine – 6 Half Pcs or More if small Aubergines.

Boil – 4 -6 Glass water – Big Pan – Slide Aubergine – Cook 15 – 20 Mnts.  Drain

Fry –  Heat Skillet – 1 tbsp. Oil – fry – 3-4 mnts each side – Low flame – Till Soft and Brown.

Tapanade –  1 cup Olives – 1 cup Sun Dried Tomato – 1 tbsp. Olive Oil – 1 tbsp. Lemon Juice – Grind – Rough Paste

Slice – 150g   Mozzarella Cheese – Thin Slices.

Serve – Spread Tapenade over Fried Aubergine –  Arrange Mozzarella Slice – Sprinkle Parsley or herb of choice.  Ready.

Enjoy Delicious Aubergine Tapenade Mozzarella Melts .  Yummy!!  

Note :     Use tomato chutney instead of Tapenade. If melted Cheese preferred melt in microwave for about a minute.  Enjoy fried Aubergine as is with just pepper and Salt if preferred.   Use Leftover Tapanade as spread for sandwiches.

Aubergine Melts Recipe with Tapenade Spread. Eggplant or Brinjal Recipe with Mozzarella Cheese.


Tzatziki Sauce Or Dip Recipe

Tzatziki Recipe

Chop – 1/2 Cucumber in Small Pcs.

Flavour –  1 tsp Dried Dill – 1/2 Tsp Dried Mint – 1 Clove Garlic – 1/2 tsp. Salt – 1 tbsp. Olive Oil  – Crushed and Mixed.

Sauce – 2 cups Creamy Greek Yougurt

Mix  – Chopped Cucumber with Flavouring and Sauce. Stir well.

Decorate – With Dill Flowers or Mint.

Note :  Deseed and Grate  and Drain Cucumber if preferred.  Use fresh herbs instead of Dried.    Use just Mint or Just Dill.   

Delicious Tzatziki Greek appetizer Meze ready to be Served.  Eat as a Side Dish for  a Barbeque, with Pita Bread, Naan or Biryani.

I used Tzatzik  as a Salad instead of Raita today with Prawn Pilaf, a delicious recipe shared by  Preethi, which I will be posting soon.

How to Make Tzatziki Greek Appetizer Meze a Sauce Dip for Barbeque or side dish for Pilaf or Biryani.


Stir Fry Glass Noodles with Shredded Cabbage

Glass Noodles with Shredded Cabbage Mince Meat Recipe

Chop – One Onion – Small Peices.

Shred – Half Small Cabbage – Remove Hard Core – Shred to peices.

Boil – Water – 250 g Glass Noodles – Bring to Boil – Turn off Stove – Drain

Fry –  Chopped Onion – Till Translucent – 250g  Mince Meat  – +/- 5 mnts till cooked

Saute – Add Cabbage to Above – Saute – +/-4 mnts – Noodles in Saute – Stir Well

Flavour – 1 -2 tbsp. Soya Sauce  – tbsp. Spicy Chilly Sauce – Combine with Saute – Stir well  – Done

Delicious Cabbage Noodles  ready to eat.  Yummy!! 

Note – I used Mung Bean Noodles. Use potato glass noodles or Rice Cellophane noodles.  Use spring Onions instead of regular.    Use Bacon instead of Mince meat or Both.

One morning a couple of years ago I was in the corridor of my Office when an American Visitor arrived to meet one of my collegues .   Since I was by the entrance, I opened the door for her.  She smiled at me and gave me a big hug and said – Oh The Recipe Lady!! and thanked me.

Puzzeled I asked her what she meant.  She said when she had visited a few month prior and was waiting at the reception she had Overheard me sharing this recipe at the lunch table.   She went home at made it for her husband.  They loved the recipe so much that they make it very often.  

Though I have shared several recipes with my friends over the years, I felt she was my first real fan who had followed a recipe by just overhearing it!! So Flattering!!

Aromatic Potato Dill Fry

Delicious Dill Roasted Potatoes Indian Style Recipe as Side Dish for Sunday Roast.

Boil – Peal – Cube – 6 medium size boiled Potatoes

Chop – 2 Onions – 2 Handful Dill leaves

Spices – 1 tsp Chilli Powder -1 tsp. Coriender Powder – 1 tsp Turmeric Powder – Spice Mix

Fry – Heat 2 tbsp. Oil – 1 tsp. cumin Seeds – Stir – Onions – +/- 1 tsp. Salt – Fry till Translusent

Saute – Add Spices to above – Stir 1 mnt.  Add Potatoes – Stir Fry – 2 mnts – Chopped Dill –Stir.

Cook – 5 tbsp. Water to above – Bring to Boil – Lower Flame – Stir to Mash Potatoes Slightly – 2-3 mnts.   Done

Serve Indian Style with Chapati, Puri Or Rice.   Mmm… Delicious.   The Flavours texture and aroma of this dish is amazing.

Note :  Adjust spices and Salt to taste. 

We were flooded with homegrown vegetables and herbs last sunday when Gina and Andy dropped in.  I was planning to make Pakoda with the Dill but ended up making this delicious Dill Potato.  

Delicious Dill Roasted Potatoes Indian Style Recipe as Side Dish for Sunday Roast.

Beef Pepper Fry

  Beef fry rice

Nadan Beef Fry Kerala Style Indian Recipe

Boil – 1/2 kg Beef  – Bite Size – 2 Onions – quartered  – 2 Green Chilli Slit – 2tsp. Salt – Bring to Boil.
Add – 1tsp each – Turmeric  – Garam masala – Ginger Garlic  Paste  +/- 1 cup water – Cook till Done (or pressure cook)
Spice Mix –  2 tsp. Pepper Powder – 1 tbsp. Corriender Powder – Pinch Chilli powder  – Pinch Garam Masala – 1 tsp Salt – 2 tsp. Viniger
Fry  – 1tbsp. Oil  –   2 cups Sliced Onions – Handful Curry Leaves – Translucent  – Add Spice – Stir  till Aroma – Add cooked Beef with Stock  – Saute till dry.
Garnish with Corriender Leaves – Serve with Rice or Chapati and Salad.

Note :  Add or  Reduce Chilli and Salt to Taste. Reduce Saute time if Sauce consistancy preferred.

This recipe was inspired by cousin Mini.  A beautiful recipe by a beautiful person.  She is a great inventive cook.   Thank you for all the delicious meals every time I visited india. Every meal tastes so special .
I enjoyed the Fish Feast made by you so much.  It was a dream come true.  Whole table filled with different types of Fishes Fried and Curried.   
The Secret ingredient in each of Minu’s recipe is love. Alfred and Geo seems to have inherited your cooking skills and the secret ingredient too.
With Amachi and Appachan and Mummy gone the whole family  look to you for moral support. I am sure Victor, Daddy, Sherl, Bindhu and Joy and all the kids agree with me.      I do not not have enough words to describe you.   Thank you for being Special and Wise and  Kind. 

Herbed Chicken Stuffed Puff Pastry

Chicken Baida Roti Recipe

chicken stuffed puff pastry

Chop – 1 onion – 2 cups Cabbage – 2 green Chilli –  1 inch pc Ginger – handful Curry Leaves

Spice –  1 tsp  Cinnamon – 1 tsp. Pepper – 1 tsp. Turmeric.

Mince – 1 cup cooked Chicken

Filling –  Heat 1 tbsp. Oil – Chopped items  – fry 1-2 mnts – Add Spices Stir – Minced Chicken – Stir  fry 2 mnts – 1 tbsp Tomato paste – Salt  to taste – 1-2 mnts.

Stuff – Unroll Puff Pastry  – Pizza Size – Roll a bit more – Fill  one half and close with other half.

Bake – Preheat oven 200C and Bake for 20  minutes.

Delicious Chicken Stuffed Puff Pastry Ready to Eat. Slice and Serve with Mint or Coriander Chutney. Or just eat plain.

Note – Use Filling to make regular Chicken Stuffed Paratha.  Use left over fillings as a side dish.

During Ramzan or Ramadan the month of Fasting and feasting many streets in Bangalore are filled with Iftar Snacks.  My Brother bought us this Iftar  Snack for Tea Time while I was staying with Cousin Bindhu. 

Dear Bindhu, Timmy and Aleeta, thank you dears for your kind hospitality.   Flory Aunty I enjoyed our morning chats.   Aleeta it was great to meet your friends too and I had a lovely evening out with Geo and you eating burgers and icecream.

I would like to thank Bindhu’s Boss too on this occation.   Though I have never met him, whenever  I am visiting India he has always granted her leave to spend time with me.

Galettes De Sarrasin

Indo French Pancake

buckwheat pancake

Blend  – 1 1/2cups of Buckwheat flour – 3 cups Cold water  -1 egg  – pinch Salt  – Smooth Dough – 1 tbsp. Oil

Cool – In Fridge for 2-3 hours

Fry – Pour batter on hot pan – flip to cook both sides.

Filling – Heat oil – Mustard – 2 green chilli – 1 chopped Onion – 1 tsp turmeric – Fry 1 -2 mnt  – 3 cups chopped cabbage – Salt to taste –  Cook till done.

Serve – Spread sauted Cabbage on Pancake – Top with an Egg – Sprinkle Cheese – Fold as you  Fancy.

Delicious  Gluten Free pancake ready !! mmm…. Love the taste of Buckwheat.  Love cabbage too!!

Note : Change filling to Ham and eggs.  Stuff with Fruits for sweet Pancakes.

Buckwheat know as kuttu ka atta in India is used to make this pancake.  This recipe is shared by my Friend Gina.  Last year our families  went to Brittany on a holiday together.   We were introduced to this pancake there.

Gina cooks delicious Romanian dishes and tries world recipes.   However, since she became my friend  many years ago,  she is always cooking Indian food.  Whenever I ask her what she made for dinner it is either Rice and  Sambar or Rajma or  even Dahi Vada!!    She cooks Indian food like she was born in India!!

This Savoury  Pancake recipe is shared by my beautiful Friend Gina.