Salted Banana Caramel Tarte


Salted Banana Caramel Tarte Tatin

Caramel – Melt 100g Brown Sugar  – 75g. Butter  – Low heat without Stirring – 4 – 6 mnts. — Spread Oven Proof dish.

Slice – 4 bananas – 2cm-thick slices –  arrange  circular pattern on Caramel –  sprinkle  a little sea salt.

Cover – Circular Puff Pastry – top of Banana slices – Tuck Edges around Slices

Bake – Preheated Oven – 25-30 mnts till done –  Cool 5 Mnts

Serve – Turn upside down on a plate  –  Sprinkle Dry Coconut Flakes

Total time to make 30 mnts.  Total time to eat 3 mnts.  Enjoy!!

Recipe for Yummy and  delicious Tarte Tatin inspired by French classic Dessert – Caramelized Banana on layers of Flaky, Buttery Puff Pastry, Garnished with Coconut Flakes.



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