Wonderful Places to Live – In Someone’s Thoughts – In Someone’s Prayers – In Someone’s Heart

The most wonderful places in the World are “In Someone’s Thoughts; in Someone’s Prayers and in Someone’s Heart” As individuals and as a society we learn to focus more on the quality of our “relating” rather than on the stability of our “relationships”. Relating is a verb… Relationship is a noun. To Relate is to […]

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Onion Chutney

This is a very special, quick and hot recipe, made using onions. Most south indian breakfasts are served with this chutney. It is mostly served with Idli, Dosa and it can be had with all types of other snacks like pakoras, or can be used with the main course. Course: Indian Main Course Cuisine : South Indian Prep […]

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Easy Veg Ratatouille

Classic ratatouille Recipe

Chop – 2 Onions  – 4 cloves of garlic  – 2 aubergines – 2 courgettes – 2 Sweet Red Peppers

Saute –  Heat pan – 2 tbsp. Olive Oil –  Onion – Garic – 1 mnt – Add rest of the Veg – Salt to taste – Saute till Soft  and Done

Spice –  2 tsp. Sweet Pepper Powder – Stir Well –  6-8 chopped Tomatoes  – Bring to Boil – 3 mnts – Pinch of Sugar.

Garnish – Hand full Fresh Herbs (Basil or Coriander) – Drizzle Tsp. of Olive Oil – Turn off Stove done.

Serve with Rice or Bread.  Delicious Quick  and Easy

Recipe for  Ratatouille Mediterranean-style vegetable stew  perfect for a super-healthy midweek Lunch or Dinner


Meat Balls in Flavourd Cabbage Sauce

Meat Balls in Flavourd Cabbage Sauce

Slice  – 1 Onion – Half Head of Cabbage (or 4 cups)

Meat Balls –  1/2 kg.  Ground Meat  – Salt -Pepper to taste -1 Egg –  Mix – Form Balls – Desired Size

Saute – Onions – 2 mnts –  Add Cabbage – Stir  Fry – till Soft – 2 tsp. Sweet Chilli Powder – Mix – 1 cup Tomato Puree – Salt – Bring to Boil

Cook –  Meat Ball to above – Continut to Cook  – 10-15 mnts

Garnish – Handful Frozen  or Fresh Green Peas – Boil 3 mnts.

Flavour – Handful Dill leaves – Stir in Boiling Sauce – Done

Serve with Rice or Bread.   Delicious Yummy Cabbage Meatballs.

Note :  Use Ground meat of choice.  Use Herbs of Choice. Use Spicy Chilli if preferred. If using Prepare Ground Meat  Make ball directly without Egg.

Cabbage and Meat Balls Flavoured with Dill and Garnished with Green Peas.   Delicious Quick and Easy Recipe with Ground Meat.