Beautiful Skin Natural Way

Tried and Tested Natural Beauty Tips from Family and friends.

Salad cucumber

Cucumber –  Slice Cucumber- Place on closed eyelids – Relax 15 mnts – Reduce dark circles around eyes.

Gram flour-  Mix with water – Make Paste – Use as facepack  – leave on skin for  15 mnts.  before shower – Soft Smooth Skin.

Eggs – Apply a little Egg white  to face – let dry. – Wash face Luke Warm Water –   Tighten Facial skin –  Regain Youth.

Honey –  Apply on face – Leave 20 mnts – Lighten your skin.  Antiseptic and Antifungal.

Butter – Apply butter on  lips –  Before going to sleep – Wake up with Soft  Lips

These are a few of the natural foods we use in India as beauty aids regularly.   Beautiful Skin Natural way for the whole family.  

Other Natural tips for skin care are welcome.  Please share your tips too in comments below.

Looking for Fresh Air in Abdij van Park Found Fresh Organic Drink!!

Going for an evening walk in Abdij van Park  for a breath of fresh air.  A park with stunning views, a monastery and 3 beautiful lakes.

Grazing cows such Beauty!!

We came across a beautiful lady by the New Milk vending maching.  She was refilling the Vending Maching with Fresh Warm Milk from the cows grazing in the pasture.   There’s nothing quite like Fresh Milk straight from the farm Tasty and  Organic.

milk info

Here a few words from beautiful Ine about the fresh milk from the Farm.  Oops !! my Video taking skills are not perfect.  No worries only start is upside down!!

Dont forget to take your own bottles if you want to buy it.

All info at

Dear Friends if  you live in Leuven or nearby  hope you check out this milk, share info with friends and enjoy!! 

In India we boil the milk  before drinking.    For a lighter texture add some water when boiling.    Cooling the milk after boiling gives a thick layer of cream on top which can be used to make Butter.  Homemade Cheese and Yogurt with Fresh Milk is so delicious.

I will be posting recipes with homemade paneer cheese and  yogurt in my blog soon.

Hope you enjoy some beautiful walk in Abdij van Park too.


A Boat Song from Kerala

Kerala God’s own Country is a land of  Sea, Sand and Sun.  The Panoramic view, the  rivers and the lakes of Kerala are a  Feast for the Eyes.

Kerala has many colourful festivals and dances.   Here is a  traditional music of Kerala with a Modern twist.

Official 2016 Vidya Vox cover of the traditional Kerala Boat song “Kuttunadan Punjayile”, ft Jomy George & Shankar Tucker. | Subscribe: Watch next, “Sorry x Kandukondain Kandukondain”:…


A Magical Garden in Brussels – Park Tenbosch


Today I would like to share the Joy of Tenbosch Park  with a few words and many pictures.

Park Tenbosch

Brussels a City of Contradictions. Hidden among the hige rise Buildings  and Busy traffic,  are many Beautiful Parks and Lakes.   Natures Limitless Beauty !!  Secret Paradise known only to the Locals!!

Camilias entwined with other Spring Blooms
Magnolias in Full Bloom

Park TenBosch is Magical Heaven right in the Middle of the City.  Close to Avenue Louise a few meters from the Indian Embassy.


Crocus Blooms
Oops call from Sita!! Magnolias Again.

As you Step into the Narrow Entrance of the Park  nature welcomes you with the fragrance of the flowers!!   It is Natures Aroma Therapy. Whole Body relaxation.



In April the park is filled with Spring flowers of all kinds.   Beauty Everywhere. Winding paths  with Flowers , trees, ponds, playgrounds and picnic spots filled with easy chairs.  Small Park with so much to Offer!!

Sooooo Many Flowers!! 

A Brisk afternoon walk in the Park is Tonic for the Soul.  My collegues  and I have enjoyed countless picnics here.

Tranquil Moments – Beautiful Park – Beautiful Friend

Playing tourists during Lunch time!! The Beauty of Expat life!!