People and Planet

Health is not a size, it’s a state

Health is not a size, it’s a state. A state of harmony, in the mind and body and between people and planet.

– Rujuta Diwekar

Health – A State of Hamony

Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos- the trees, the clouds, everything.

– Thich Nhat Hanh


Tomato Soup with Dumpling – Supă de roșii cu găluște

Boil – 2 Onions – 3 Bell Peppers – 1 Kilo Tomato – till Soft – Strain To remove seeds

Add – 1 Bunch Chopped Parsley – Salt to taste – 1 tbsp. Olive Oil – Bring to Boil – Soup Ready

Mix 2 eggs – 1 cup Coarse Semolina – rest -10 Mnts – large pot – salted water to a boil – reduce heat to medium low.

Dumplings – Use 2 spoons to form Oval Shape – Boil low flame few minutes – pour 1cup cold water – Bring to boil again – Strain and remove Cooked Dumplings

Serve – Cold – Tomato Dumplings with Soup

Recipe for Romanian Tomato Soup With dumplings Shared by my Romanian Friend Gina who dealing with Tomato abundance this Summer. Huge Sun-warmed tomatoes dreaming of ways to serve them.

Mind and Mindfulness

Mindfulness is to take in the present moment as it is.

–  Mark Williams

We often associate nourishing our mind with gaining more knowledge, problem-solving, engaging in intellectual debates and discussions… but seldom relate it with daily habits like how we treat our body, or how we spend our time, which can have quite a bearing on the state of our mind and how we cope with the circumstances life places us in.

Sometimes we forget that our minds are part of our body and that the foods we eat  affect our moods and level of general happiness.

– Mark Boyle

It’s funny how as children we are taught to take care of our bodies- eat a balanced diet, drink filtered water, wash your hands before eating, exercise… but aren’t taught to take care of our mind. We aren’t told that like any other part of our body, our mind needs to be taken care of […]

via MIND IT! 10 Ways I Started Taking Care of My Mind. — आईना