Mind and Mindfulness

Mindfulness is to take in the present moment as it is.

–  Mark Williams

We often associate nourishing our mind with gaining more knowledge, problem-solving, engaging in intellectual debates and discussions… but seldom relate it with daily habits like how we treat our body, or how we spend our time, which can have quite a bearing on the state of our mind and how we cope with the circumstances life places us in.

Sometimes we forget that our minds are part of our body and that the foods we eat  affect our moods and level of general happiness.

– Mark Boyle

It’s funny how as children we are taught to take care of our bodies- eat a balanced diet, drink filtered water, wash your hands before eating, exercise… but aren’t taught to take care of our mind. We aren’t told that like any other part of our body, our mind needs to be taken care of […]

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Sweet Potato Brownies

Preheat – Oven to 325 F.

Microwave  – 3/4 c.+ 2 tbsp. peanut butter – 15-20 seconds

Blend  -3/4 c. sweet potato puree – Peanut butter  – 1/3 c. oat flour – 1/2 c. brown sugar – 1/4 c. cocoa powder – 1 tsp. vanilla extract – 1 tsp. baking soda – pinch of salt

Bake – 20 Mnts – Cool 10 Min. – Done

Gluten-free and Vegan Sweet Potato Brownies  healthier than your typical brownie recipe because peanut butter is used instead […]

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Thai Fish Cake

Thai Shrimp cakes Recipe

Chop – 1/2 Cup Long green beans  – Handful  Thai Basil Leaves

Blend – 500 g  white Fish –tbsp. Thai Curry Paste – 2 tsp fish sauce – 1 tsp Rice Vinigar – 1 Tbsp. Coconut Flakes   – 1 egg  – 1 tsp Cornflour (optional)

Mix  – Fish Paste – Chopped items

Fry –  1 tbsp Mix  – Flatten to Form Patties – Shallow fry  – low Flame – Both sides – Till Done.

Use Red or Yellow Thai Curry Paste. Adjust quantity to taste. Serve with  Chilli Sauce. Enjoy!!

Recipe for Asian Thai Fish Cake with  Long beans and Coconut Flakes served with sweet chili sauce.

A popular Thai Snack wonderfully delicious and Yummy  you just can’t get enough of it.




Kaddu Ka Saag – Creamy Lentil Spinach

Kaddu Ka Saag - Creamy Lentil with Pumpkin leaves

Boil – 1/2 Cup Yellow Lentils (toor Dal) – 1 tsp.  Turmeric Powder –  Until – cooked

Saute – 1 tsp. Oil – 1 knob butter –  1 tsp. each Mustard seeds – cumin – 1 chopped Onion -2 cloves Garlic –  2 green chillies  till translucent.  Add 1 tomato  and cook 3- 4 minutes.

Add – to above – Chopped Young Pumpkin leaves and flowers (4 -5 cups) – salt to taste –  bring to boil – Add Cooked lentils –  boil for 2 mins – Done.

Enjoy with Rice or Naan

Note :  Adjust Salt and Spice to taste. Use Spinach instead of  Pumpkin / Squash  Leaves.

Easy Vegetarian recipe with Indian Spices combined with  Creamy Lentils and Spinach of Choice.