Producing honey is not all they do!

While the honeybee is out working to gather nectar and return to her hive

She is pollinating the flowers to produce the food that keeps us alive.


via Gotta Love Bees! — janbeek


6 thoughts on “Producing honey is not all they do!

  1. A gentle thought on a massive subject. I used to keep bees and saw what a factory is .In their world it is work all the year. Mine were friendly gentle and hard working. If we take a share of honey we must feed them through winter with syrup. I had but two hives but to have honey one need more or steal the food they make for themselves. It is a science and a big learning curve to keep bees. One teaspoon full per worker bee is about right but a strong hive can have over 100000 bees and will with a Queen survive hard winter. If only a few thousand and your queen dies you face loosing the lot. Queens can be bought from other bee keepers .Police must tell you the address and phone number of all bee keepers in your area as you have to register bees. More to bees than most people will ever know. Good blog again dear.

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  2. Yes this is very true. I wish more people understood the importance of the bees, as we need them to pollinate the flowers, as no other way to pollinate. Without pollinating there will be no fruits and some of the vegetables. Thank you for sharing and spreading this important message. Lots of Love from me 🙂 ❤

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