Be The Real You

Be Yourself and the Right People Will Love the Real You

duckling on black soil during daytime
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Change nothing just be yourself to experience peace.

― Tapan Ghosh




Mom knows a lot, but Grandma knows everything!


Grandma motivation
My 97 Year Old Neighbour and Friend reminds me of my Grandma
  • You are never too old to learn

  •  Love without limitations

  •  Work hard for your daily bread

  •  Be brave and confident

  •  Never say no to guests

My mom knows a lot, but my grandmother knows everything! There are countless lessons one can learn from this golden generation whose population is getting lesser and lesser as days pass by. Here’s a list of 5 important principles or lessons one can learn from my grandma’s way of living. Her name is Umayaparvathi and […]

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