Potato Lentil Patties


Potato Lentil Patties

Mix – 1 cup Cold Mashed potato – 1 Cup Soft Cooked Lentils – 1 Cup Fresh Breadcrumbs  – 1 tsp Chat Masala – water as necessary

Shape – Divide Equal Parts – 7 -8 Patties

Heat – Pan – 1 tbsp Oil – Shallow Fry – Till Browned on Both Sides.

Enjoy !!

Note : I Used  Leftover Mashed Potatoes and Dal Curry .  No additional water needed if using leftovers. Adjust Spice herbs as necessary to taste.

Recipe for Delicious Spiced  Potatoes and Lentils Patties Served with Ketchup or Chutney as Snack or Starter.




Spicy Cucumber Cups

Spicy cucumber cups

Cut  – 2-3  Cucumbers – 1.5 inch Pcs – Scoop insides pcs to form cups.

Mix  – 1 cup chopped  Nuts – Leftover  Chopped Cucumber pcs  –  Chamoy sauce to taste.

Serve – Fill cups with mixed nuts –  Twist of Lemon Juice.

Note – Use Chili Sauce instead of Chamoy Sauce.  Or fill with sweet corn instead of nuts.

Recipe for  Mexican  Cucumber Cups a Starter or  light summer appetizer to refresh from the Summer Heat.