Seeing the Invisible

The Positive Thinker sees the Invisible, Feels the Intangible

and Achieves the Impossible.

– Winston Churchill

via Positively Attuning Thoughts — Iowa Yoga and Meditation


17 thoughts on “Seeing the Invisible

  1. Go Winston! The more I learn about this man, the more impressed I become. Watched the movie Darkest Hour about him, starring Gary Oldman, and it was fantastic!

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  2. Sir Winston Churchill told me He who dares wins. It was his saying long before he gave it to the OAS and over to SAS. as moto.Winston was my farthers friend and i knew him as child as the half crown man as he had a trick that made a coin vanish.


  3. Long time (sorry forgotten your name). Nice to revisit your blog. I suppose Winston Churchill’s positive thinking helped him deal with his depression which he referred to as his black dog which you may already know.

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  4. Winstons Black dog days were is bad dreams brought about by his mothers rejection of him and his fathers whoring .Born to a time in a borrowed bed in a palace not his or his fathers. In life he had little and bought polo ponies out in India causing his bank to stop the cheque. He was a spy master and a great thinker. He knew what was going on all over the world as his business by spy work. When he was mocked as a war monger he had fisrt hand accounts of arms of war being built in German factories and was well informed and far ahead of silly Parliament that house of peacocks parading did not want Winston Churchill at their heels. With money he was a spender of massive proportions and was cursed with a gambler of a son who was about to be murdered by Chinese gambling mob for debts unpaid. Churchill paid the debt and was left with nothing. His friends had to buy Chartwell house and gardens built so lovingly by Winston who worked until his dying day on books gardens horses and statemanship. His own darkest hours owing to vast amounts of drink added to his desire to have been loved by his parents gave him darker hours that we know of. Yet his glory will never fade his determination to lead us out of misery in war to win over the darkest evil ever to be in this world alone and without aid for 3 years fighting a vast horde of Nazism and seeing our cities fall apart by V2 rockets and heavy bombs. Churchill rose to the event as man of iron will. His many talks on Radio gave us the will to win and fight to the last man. We would have fought with pitchforks and spoons but never ,never , never give in.That was the spirit of the age fueled by that Churchill name into victory against all odds.


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