Wonderful Stroke of Luck

Look on every exit as being an entrance somewhere else.

― Tom Stoppard


Stroke of Luck

Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.

― Dalai Lama XIV


18 thoughts on “Wonderful Stroke of Luck

    1. God never interferes. he gave mankind free will to do what they wish. Wars he takes no side in and just sometimes in strange ways he whats us to now he exits. Yes he may well have chosen your destiny dear lady i hope he did. I had no faith in religion .I told God so prove it to me who has seen evil on the battlefield ,that you do exist not religious God just you who gave me life.Saved me from death aged 30 and now 70 can i ask you to come to me and talk. I was angered ,yes, earnest indeed .He came as my father dead these 30 years.stood before me opened his arms wide and smiled the vanished from me.I ask no one to believe me only hope from this they settle down to know we are never to die but another world does wait for us with all are faculties and form but spirit. I asked he replied and now this Knight is humbled and grateful to know he loves me. To speak out is foolish if no one can see beyond the vial but if my ways to tell you gives you any warmth ,then I am happy indeed I dared to tell all.

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      1. “Interference” is an interesting concept. Yes, I know I have free will, but if I believe (and I do) and if I tune in to the Holy Spirit (alive and well in me), then I do sense His direction… and I do feel His roadblocks… and I do try to live in the wisdom of His Will for me. I DO believe God came to you and opened his arms wide to you, and I am grateful that you opened your eyes to see Him and to accept His love. God bless you, Kevin. ❤ Thank you for your lovely testimony!! ❤


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