Yummy Yogurt Ice Cream

Yogurt ice cream

Chop – 250 g  Fruit

Freeze – Spread fruits on Tray – Freeze – +/-2 hrs.

Blend – 250 g Thick – Creamy Full Fat Yougurt – Frozen Fruit – Pinch Vanilla Essence – 1 tbsp. Honey -Creamy Texture

Freeze – Airtight Container  – +/- 2 hours

Serve  –  Spoon Ice Cream in cups – Serve topped with chocolate or Berries. Or Just Eat Plain.

Todays Icecream is made with BlueBerries.

Delicious Cooling Healthy Icecream Ready !!  mmm……. Love it!!   Enjoy.

Note :  Use Fruit of Choice.  Add extra Honey to taste.  Or Add sugar if you prefer.

Recipe for Yogurt Ice Cream for Summer Yes! Ice Cream for all Seasons ?  Yes Yes!!!


Crumbly Coconut Cup Cakes – Puttu – Savoury and Sweet

Traditional Breakfast Recipe of Kerala!!
Recipe Puttu - Crumbly Coconut Cup Cakes - Puttu - Savoury and Sweet
Heat – 1 cup Water – Pinch Salt – Boil – +/- 2 cups wheat Flour – Stir – Turn off  Stove – Cool
Grate –  Coconut 2 cups –  (1  cup + 1 cup)
Knead  – above to Crumbly Texture – (quick Blitz in Blender) – Mix 1 cup Coconut
Mould  – Small cup or Coconut Shell – Add Spoonful Coconut Bottom layer – Add Crumble mix – Press firmly   – turn over on a  steamer plate – continue with rest of mix
Sweet – Coconut Layer – Chopped Plantain Layer – Crumble Mix – Turn over on Steamer Plate
Steam –  3 cups Water in Saucepan  – Good  boil –  Steam wheat Cakes with lid on – 20 mnts.
Delicious Coconut Cupcakes ready. Enjoy with Brown Chickpeas or  Mango Fish Curry or with Banana.
Note : Puttu mix should be hold its shape when pressed between your fist but should crumble if pressed harder.  Use Rice instead of Wheat.
As a child visiting Kerala for  Summer Vacations we ate puttu every morning.   Rice Puttu, Jackfruit Puttu, Mango Puttu, Wheat Puttu.  And many more variations.    Delicious aroma of  Steamed Coconut Puttu  in Everyhouse. No escaping Puttu if you are planning to visit Kerala. 
Sita  Luc and Anna hope you are looking forward to eating lots of Puttu this summer!!

Chilled Gazpacho – Cool Refreshing Spanish Soup


Chop – 1 Kg Juicy Tomato  – 1 Green Bell Pepper – 1 Peeled Cucumber – Roughly

Blend – Chopped Veg – 2 cloves of garlic – 1 cup water – 1 tbsp Olive Oil – Smooth Texture

Mix – 2 tbsp. Lemon Juice – Salt to taste

Garnish  – Coriender leaves  – Sliced Green Chilli

Serve –  Cooled-  With or Without Ice Cubes.

Enjoy Delicious Gezpacho all day long.  Perfect Summer day Soup!!

Note : Replace garlic with Onion or Pinch of Chat Masala,  Lemon with Vinigar.  Adjust salt to taste. If using indian cucumber remove seeds before blending.

I am a fan of this delicious cold soup .  I drink atleast 3 or 4 glasses a day in Summer.   Cooling and refreshing.   

Cheesy Chips Chana Chaat -Nachos


Sweet Sour Sauce -Boil – ½ cup each  Jaggery –  Tamarind pulp– 1 cups water – Add 1 tsp each Chilli /Ginger/cumin/black salt powder – Cool

Green chutney – Grind – 1 bunch Coriander – lemon juice – pinch Salt

Yogurt Sauce – Mix 1 cup sour cream – salt – pinch ginger powder – coriander

Salad –  1 Onions – 3 Tomatoes – 3 Chillies– 1 cup corn – Coriander leaves

Micrwave – Spread  – ½ pkt. Chips – sprinkle half the Salad –  lots of grated cheese

Sides – Cooked Chickpeas – Slightly mashed – topped with rest of the Salad – Chana Chat!!

Serve – Chips Chana Chat – Drizzle – yogurt Sauce -sweet sour Sauce – green chutney

Tickle your taste buds – Sweet -Sour -Soft – Colourful – Crispy Crunchy cheesy Chat!! 

Thank you Sarah for making the Nachos.

Easy Veg Snack.   No space for dinner after this!!

Last Sunday Eating Nachos with my family reminded of  street foods, cool evening stroll with my dearest friends enjoying Chana Chat. Beautiful memories of Bangalore India.