Embrace Every Shade of your Emotions

Courage is not In facing the storm Blowing your way For Sometimes there isn’t Any other place to escape

Courage is in embracing Every shade of your emotions And putting it on display.

Courage is in following your passion Inspite of all odds…

via Courage — I refuse to give up



Plăcintă cu iaurt – Yogurt Pie

Plăcintă cu iaurt - Yogurt Pie

Whisk –  5 Egg whites  – 100g sugar – Drop Vanilla – Stiff Meringue.

Creamy Yolk  – 5 Egg Yolks – 100 g Sugar   – Pinch Salt – Whisk – Add  – 40g Cornflour  – Whisk  – 500 g Greek  Yogurt –  Combine till Creamy

Pie Mix – Combine  – Meringue slowly – To Creamy Yolks

Layer – Lined Baking tray  – First Layer –  4 Filo Pastry Sheets – Brush  with Butter  – Sprinkle  Pinch Lemon Zest – Handful  Raisons – Spread 1/5 Pie Mix

2nd Layer  – Single Filo Sheet – Brush  with Butter  – Sprinkle  Pinch Lemon Zest – Handful  Raisins – Spread 1/5 Pie Mix

Repeat Layers as Above – Total 5 Layers –   Last layer – Pie Mix –  No Raisins.

Bake –  170 C –  25 mnts – Lower Temp -160 C for another 25 – Done

Serve –  Let Cool – Slice – Dust – Icing Sugar

Note : The First Layer overlaps  sides of the baking tray and to be folded  just before last layer.  Raisins are Optional. Fresh or frozen fruit such as Pineapple can be added instead.

Simple and Easy Dessert Recipe for Traditional  Romanian Plăcintă cu iaurt – Yogurt Pie .

This recipe was shared by my Romanian Friend Gina who is a queen of Desserts.  I think she can bake a cake sleeping.   Thank you Gina for sharing this lovely  Dessert and the recipe and pictures.  Andy your  Barbeque was perfect too as  always.

Ingredients Yogurt Pie



Potato Lentil Patties


Potato Lentil Patties

Mix – 1 cup Cold Mashed potato – 1 Cup Soft Cooked Lentils – 1 Cup Fresh Breadcrumbs  – 1 tsp Chat Masala – water as necessary

Shape – Divide Equal Parts – 7 -8 Patties

Heat – Pan – 1 tbsp Oil – Shallow Fry – Till Browned on Both Sides.

Enjoy !!

Note : I Used  Leftover Mashed Potatoes and Dal Curry .  No additional water needed if using leftovers. Adjust Spice herbs as necessary to taste.

Recipe for Delicious Spiced  Potatoes and Lentils Patties Served with Ketchup or Chutney as Snack or Starter.