Vishu Katta / Pachoru – Rice Cakes Served with syrup


Soak – 1 cup white Rice 1/2  Hour

Boil  – Soaked rice  – 2 cups Water – 2 cups Coconut Milk – Vanilla powder – Pinch salt Simmer till all liquid is absorbed – Creamy texture

Mix  – 2 tbsp. Grated Coconut   – Mix – turn off stove – tight lid – 5 mnts.

Spread –  Flat Plate – cool – Slice – Garnish with nuts.

Syrup – 1/2 cup Jaggery – 1 cup Water – Boil – simmer  – till melted – pinch of Cinnamon – done – 5 mnts.

Serve Delicious cakes with Syrup.  Easy delicious and Traditional dessert for festivals or Weddings during my Grandma’s time. Enjoy!!

Note : Replace regular Milk for Coconut Milk. Flavour with Cumin instead of Vanilla . Eat with Maple Syrup.

Happy Feast my Friends.

Easter Sunday with Gina and Andy,  eating Baked Italian Rice Cake  reminded  me of  Eating Pachoru with my cousins. 

Living in a Joint Family with Parents, Cousins, Aunts , Uncles and Grand Parents.  12 Cousins some same age,  others 1 year apart in age.   Browny our pet dog the  only obedient one in children’s group. 

Fun and Happy times running around in the garden.  It was Party Time all the Time for us Children.  Ofcourse the Odd  Stressful Parents Moments in the Kitchen was just the Background Music.

food Gina
Delicious BBQ with Tzatziki  – Tabbouleh -Mushrooms – Stuffed Aubergine  (mmm….)

Andy is a BBQ Master  and Gina is a Genius with Cakes and Ofcourse  her Garden.   Andrei and Emma and Sarah and Tina  are like cousins. Our Friends Our Family in Belgium.

BBQ Master and Anto

pachore 2