World’s healthiest beverage made from the magical little leaves !

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Green tea has my heart ! If your are not already drinking green tea , I highly suggest incorporating it into your diet . It’s loaded with antioxidants and many other constituents (about which I will be telling below) which makes it the healthiest beverage in the entire world .

Do you know ?

Green tea and Black tea originate from the same plant species – Camellia sinensis.

Its the variety and the processing of the leaves which defines how green tea becomes ‘green‘ and black tea becomes ‘black‘.


  1. Camellia sinensis sinensis –
  • small leafed variety
  • native to china
  • used to make green tea and white tea.

2. Camellia sinensis assamica –

  • large leafed variety
  • first discovered in Assam district
  • used to make black teas.

Green tea processing
Green teas are often referred to as non-fermented or unfermented teas. The intent is to…

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