Tomato Chutney Topped Boiled Eggs

Boiled Eggs tomato Chutney Gojju Chapati

Boil – Boil – Peel – 6 Eggs –  Cut in two.

Chop – 3 Big Onions   Handful Curry Leaves –  Garlic  4-5 cloves.

Spice – 1 tsp. Chilli Powder –  1 tsp. Corriender Powder – 1 tsp. Turmeric Powder

Saute  – Heat Oil -1 tsp. mustard seeds –  Add Chopped items – 1-2 tsp. Salt  – Saute –  1-2 mnts.

Fry –  Add Spice Mix to Saute  -Stir  well  – 6-8  Medium Size Tomatoes Chopped – 5-6 mnts –  Medium Flame – till tomatao melts in Gravy

Topping – Top With Boiled Eggs

Serve with Chapati or Naan or Rice.  Delicious Tomato Gojju Ready.     

Note : Use herb of Choice.  Adjust Salt and Spice to Taste. 

When we were living in Mathikere Bangalore, most evenings Anto and me,   ended up at Latha and Ramesh’s Place.   

Such beautiful memories of Indian Summer evenings. Me and Latha chatting inside the house, Shruthi was so samll then, a little princess dancing around.    Anto and Ramesh  as usual outside discussing various plans and Projects and ideas.

Ramesh would come in suddenly and say – ” Lathama can you quickly make some Chappatis and Tomato Gojju with Eggs” 

Both Latha and Ramesh never allowed us to leave before sharing dinner with them.  Siddhu, this was before you were born  and Karthik,  you were then part of Princess Shruti’s dreams yet to come true.

Thank you Ramesh and Latha for welcoming us everytime we visit  India and the gifts and the parties you have organised with all our friends group.

Latha we make  Tomato Gojju atleast once  a week.    It is the most loved dish in our house.  We eat it with Breakfast Lunch and Dinner!!  

We Cherish your Friendship that has grown stronger despite, Time and Distance.

Tangy Tomato Gojju or Tomato Chutney Quick Delicious and Easy Recipe with Boiled Eggs


Aromatic Potato Dill Fry

Delicious Dill Roasted Potatoes Indian Style Recipe as Side Dish for Sunday Roast.

Boil – Peal – Cube – 6 medium size boiled Potatoes

Chop – 2 Onions – 2 Handful Dill leaves

Spices – 1 tsp Chilli Powder -1 tsp. Coriender Powder – 1 tsp Turmeric Powder – Spice Mix

Fry – Heat 2 tbsp. Oil – 1 tsp. cumin Seeds – Stir – Onions – +/- 1 tsp. Salt – Fry till Translusent

Saute – Add Spices to above – Stir 1 mnt.  Add Potatoes – Stir Fry – 2 mnts – Chopped Dill –Stir.

Cook – 5 tbsp. Water to above – Bring to Boil – Lower Flame – Stir to Mash Potatoes Slightly – 2-3 mnts.   Done

Serve Indian Style with Chapati, Puri Or Rice.   Mmm… Delicious.   The Flavours texture and aroma of this dish is amazing.

Note :  Adjust spices and Salt to taste. 

We were flooded with homegrown vegetables and herbs last sunday when Gina and Andy dropped in.  I was planning to make Pakoda with the Dill but ended up making this delicious Dill Potato.  

Delicious Dill Roasted Potatoes Indian Style Recipe as Side Dish for Sunday Roast.

Strawberry Semolina Slice

Strawberry Kesaribath

Blend  – 250 g chopped Strawberry – 2 tbsp. Honey – 1tsp Vanilla essence  – Coarse Mix

Boil –  Strawberry Blend – 3 mnts – Add 2 cups water  – 2 tsp Ghee – Bring to Boil – Strawberry Sauce

Saute – Heat Pan – 2 tsp Ghee – Handful Mixed Nuts – BerBerry – Stir a bit – Add 1 cup Semolina – Pinch Salt – Stir and saute 2-3 mnts

Cook – Add Hot Strawberry Sauce to Saute – Boil about  2 -3 mnts till Gooey – Turn Off Stove –  Pour in round container or mold.

Decorate – Rest Kesari Bhath to Set –  5 mnts  – Decorate with Strawberry peices.

Serve – Drizzle Honey on Top – Slice Gently and Serve

Delicious and easy  Dessert  Ready in a few Minutes.

Note : Use Sugar instead of Honey if preferred.   Cardamom powder in place of Vanilla.  Substitute Raisons for Berberry.

This recipe was shared by Santhosh.  Weekend Stay with Santhosh , Lyla and Akshansh is always a pleasure. 

 It is like a party with lots of cooking in the kitchen,  Shyla  entertaining us with many interesting stories.    In the background Akshansh and Kenny running up and down the stairs or with a cricket bat indoors, or a deck of cards with their quick jokes in between the chatter in the kitchen.     Santosh reading his news paper on the easychair .  Laughter and fun filled Family time.

Thank you dear Lylu for the delicious coconut chutney made with special care for my Travel Tummy.  Santhosh  I enjoyed our chats.   Waiting to write some of your travel stories.    

Akshansh and Kenny thank you for letting me win the card game a couple of times.   Let’s all work on our  Cards Shuffling Skills for the next time!!

How to Make Strawberry Kesari Bhath Recipe – Semolina Cake Indian Style.