Persuit of Happiness

15 Simple Tips for Happiness

Smile –  Smiling not only brings joy to you, but to others as well.

Cheerfulness  – Deliberately act cheery, and you will feel much happier.

Kindness – Notice Something Nice About Yourself.  Be kind to yourself.

Compliments – Notice Something Nice about others and give compliments.

Music -Happy songs affect both our emotions and physical condition. Listen to music.

Gratitude – Every morning take a few minutes to think about a few thing you are  grateful for in your life.

Believe –  You Deserve Happiness.

Calmness – Proceed calmly by practicing Meditation.

Leisure – Give some time for leisure Every day

Acceptance – Live and let live without judgement.

Friendship – Happy people tend to have deep relationships with others.

Volunteer –   Be giving of yourself to others.

Exercise – Exercise releases endorphins and makes you happy

Hobby – Engage deeply with life. Be Creative. Use your talents and have a Hobby.

Nature – Enjoy the beauty of nature. Spend time in Nature.