Light Fluffy Tomato Mushroom Quiche Recipe

Easy quiche Recipe
Quiche Recipe

Chop – 2 Onions – 1 Red Bell Pepper – 250g Mushroom  – Handful  Spinach

Saute  – 1 tbsp. Olive Oil  – Saute Chopped Items -6-8 mnts.

Preheat – Oven 180 Deg Celcius.

Beat – 5 Eggs – 1/2 Cup Yogurt – 1 tbsp. Water – 1 tsp. Salt

Spread  – Line Baking Tin – Circular Puff Pastry – Spread  Sauted Veg – Pour -Egg Mixture.

Decorate – Sundried Tomato –  Sprinkle -Handful Parsley –  Spread – 1 cup Grated Cheese

Bake – 35 Minutes – Preheated Oven.   Check and Bake 5 Extra mnts. if needed.

Delicious Light Fluffy Tomato Mushroom Quiche Ready to be Served.

Slice and Serve. Mmm…

Note – Use Veg of Choice.   Use Cherry tomatoes instead of Sundried. 

Easy Quick Quiche Recipe Light Fluffy Tomato Mushroom Quiche



20 Health Benefits of Amla – Indian Gooseberry

Amla (Indian Gooseberry) has gained a lot of popularity over the years because of the vast health benefits associated with it. In India, it is used in the preparation of a variety of dishes. Spicy marinades, jams and chutneys. Amla has extracted unlimited health and beauty benefits because it is filled with a lot of […]

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Magical Gifts – That Keeps On Giving. Makes Me Love the Giver more than the Gift

Gifts with Magical powers

Magical Gifts enriches relationship and have good memories attached to it.   It makes us love the giver more than the gift.

I gave a Sleeveless Sweater to my Dad when visiting India.  He wore it almost  everyday.  Summer and winter  under his shirt.

An Old Pen which was lent to me but forgot to return.  I have no contact with the friend but the pen has so many  memories of good times shared. The Old Plant that my friend left behind for me to care when she returned back to India.  The Hand me down Costume Jewellery my Aunt gave me.

My mom’s Old Saree which I converted to scarfs and gifted myself as gift from my mom.

The Medical Facemask from Anto, A Painting by Sarah , The Handwritten greeting card by Tina. Puttu maker from Shyla and  Copper Pot for Drinking water from Lyla.

The Bag that Latha gave me as Cabin bag as my purse was overflowing.  A Old Cooking Pan that my friend left behind for me to use.

A Coffee Mug received from Anna my  God Child.   Every time I drink from it I get a warm feeling.     Tiny Lavender Bags from France  to sleep well from Olivia

The Book that Gina my friend gave my daughter.   She reads it again and again.

Chopsticks from friends in  Japan – Postage cost was more than the gift.   A Post Card from China from Ang Li in to say hello (Ofcourse we are on whastapp)

The Photocopies of an old book that my cousin Mini saved for me.  Bindhu Taking Holidays when I come to visit and Sherl feeding me like a kid. Roy’s Antique handbag. 

Aloo Paratha with Pickle  that Sita packs for me to eat on the Train for Sunday Shopping.

Especially gifts from children  Potraits of me, Handmade chirstmas decorations or Painting and the many many other gifts I receive everyday from friends and family.

I love receiving magical gifts which makes me love the giver more than the gift. 








Mexican Burrito Feast

Mexical Burrito Recipe with Salad and Rice

Chop –  1 Onion – 3 cloves garlic – 300g Tomatoes

Spice – 1/2 tsp Cumin Powder – 1/2 tsp Chilli Powder – 1 tsp. Coriander Powder – 1 tsp. Salt

Cook – Soak 250 g  Brown Beans overnight – Cook till well done. (or use Tinned beans)

Fry – Heat 2 tbsp. Oil  – Add Onions -Garlic – fry till soft  – Add spices – Mix 1 mnt – 1/2 Kg.  Minced Meat – Saute  +/- 5 mnts – Chopped Tomatoes – 1 tsp. Sugar – Add Cooked beans – bring to boil -3 mnts. – Chilli Con Carne

Guacamole – Deseed and Mash 2 Avocados – Pinch Salt  – Juice 1 lemon

Roll –   Heat Flour tortillas – Spread spoonful Chilli Con Carne – Some Guacamole – Spoonful Sour Cream – Fold ends of Tortillas – Roll

Serve  – Burritos with Salad, Tomato Rice , Grated Cheese and Tortilla Chips.

Garnish – With coriander leaves and Sliced Red Pepper.

Note: Adjust Salt to taste.    Add Herbs of Choice.   For Vegetarian Version Skip the Mince Meat.

This is a dish made by  Tina when I was on holiday in India.   We make Chilli Con Carne all the time to eat with Rice.   It is Sarah and Tina’s Favourite dish.  Guacamole is another regular favourite at our place.

Easy Mexican Burritos Recipe with Salad Rice and Grated Cheese