Light Fluffy Tomato Mushroom Quiche Recipe

Easy quiche Recipe
Quiche Recipe

Chop – 2 Onions – 1 Red Bell Pepper – 250g Mushroom  – Handful  Spinach

Saute  – 1 tbsp. Olive Oil  – Saute Chopped Items -6-8 mnts.

Preheat – Oven 180 Deg Celcius.

Beat – 5 Eggs – 1/2 Cup Yogurt – 1 tbsp. Water – 1 tsp. Salt

Spread  – Line Baking Tin – Circular Puff Pastry – Spread  Sauted Veg – Pour -Egg Mixture.

Decorate – Sundried Tomato –  Sprinkle -Handful Parsley –  Spread – 1 cup Grated Cheese

Bake – 35 Minutes – Preheated Oven.   Check and Bake 5 Extra mnts. if needed.

Delicious Light Fluffy Tomato Mushroom Quiche Ready to be Served.

Slice and Serve. Mmm…

Note – Use Veg of Choice.   Use Cherry tomatoes instead of Sundried. 

Easy Quick Quiche Recipe Light Fluffy Tomato Mushroom Quiche



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