7 Marinade for Summer BBQ

Barbeque by Anto.  Photo Credit to Tina.


Yogurt Mint – 3 tbsp. Yogurt – Handful Mint – Salt and Pepper to Taste – 1 tbsp Oil -Marinate for 30 mnts before Grilling.     Good for Chicken – Soft and Juicy Chicken.

Garam Masala –  Slit Sausages – Sprinkle Garam Masala – Grill – Indian Flavoured Sausage.  Mmm….

Chill – Soya Sauce – Mix 1 tbsp each  Chilli Sauce – Soya Sauce – Rub on Pork – Marinate 20 mnts before  grilling – Delicious Chinese flavour Pork

Lemon – Ginger  – Mix 2 tbsp Lemon Juice – 1 tbsp. crushed ginger  – 1 tsp. turmeric –  Salt – 1tbsp Oil – Marinate Fish for 20 Mnts before Grilling.  –  Lemon Flavoured Fish

Tomato- Coriender – Grind handful Coriender – 1 tomato – Mix with mince meat – Salt – Delicious Burgers.

Curry Powder – Sprinkle Curry Powder – Sprinkle over Veg chunks – Flavoured Veg

Viniger -Herbs – Grind  1 cup  Parsley – 1 Green chilli  – 1 tbsp Ginger and Garlic paste  in tbsp Vinigar –  Multipurpose Rub

Note :   Adjust quataties as required.   Mix and match Falavours.  

This post is  inspired by Anto’s Welcome Back Barbeque Last Sunday.    Tina and me, we enjoyed it .  Hopefully we can make the next BBQ when Sarah is home and we can also invite friends over to taste this Indian inspired BBQ.   Anto Looking forward to  more welcome back parties!!


Recipes Marinade or Rub for Barbeque





Beef Pepper Fry

  Beef fry rice

Nadan Beef Fry Kerala Style Indian Recipe

Boil – 1/2 kg Beef  – Bite Size – 2 Onions – quartered  – 2 Green Chilli Slit – 2tsp. Salt – Bring to Boil.
Add – 1tsp each – Turmeric  – Garam masala – Ginger Garlic  Paste  +/- 1 cup water – Cook till Done (or pressure cook)
Spice Mix –  2 tsp. Pepper Powder – 1 tbsp. Corriender Powder – Pinch Chilli powder  – Pinch Garam Masala – 1 tsp Salt – 2 tsp. Viniger
Fry  – 1tbsp. Oil  –   2 cups Sliced Onions – Handful Curry Leaves – Translucent  – Add Spice – Stir  till Aroma – Add cooked Beef with Stock  – Saute till dry.
Garnish with Corriender Leaves – Serve with Rice or Chapati and Salad.

Note :  Add or  Reduce Chilli and Salt to Taste. Reduce Saute time if Sauce consistancy preferred.

Husky Safari in Ivalo, Lapland, Finland

Written by by Ang Li and photo credits to Karen and Wong, friends made during our Lapland trip

Wrapped ourselves like penguin astronauts for the Husky Ride

Huskies are the most hardworking animals I know so far because they don’t even rest during Christmas. Husky safari is pricey – far  beyond our budget.  My best friend J and I became speechless at the Price,    upon our arrival  at the hostel reception desk in Ivalo, a small town within the arctic circle in Finland.

After a thorough Internet research on the quality and price of husky safaris worldwide, J and I made our biggest investment in life. The next day, we were picked up by the agency owner at 6am, and two hours later, we wrapped ourselves like penguin astronauts.

Husky Safari  – Dreamy Lapland

With some basic instructions, we embarked on the amazing journey through dreamy Finnish forests with the most energetic huskies I have ever encountered. J was sitting in the “basket” while I was controlling the brake of the sled. Our six husky leaders rushed so fast that I had to constantly slow down their speed to avoid sled crash.

The freezing wind in December felt like blade cutting on my cheek, but the view was worth the hurt – what a surreal fairyland! While I was indulged in the immense excitement, I forgot to keep an eye on the huskies. Suddenly I spotted a sharp turn in front, but it was already too late to brake. Huskies were running like crazy and I was thrown into the air due to the inertia of their speed!

Immersed in immense excitement of Fairyland forgot to keep an eye on the huskies.

My mind went blank and the next thing I could remember was when I landed in the soft snow safe and sound. It was such a miracle that my body was still in one piece with no pain! Great, no medical expense incurred!

Then I saw J. Poor girl! The basket she was sitting in rolled over and the right side of her body splashed huge tides of snow. Needless to say, the huskies were still keeping their momentum to run with full force, as if they had some burning fires in their heart. Unstoppable!

Finally, our guide saved us from the sled accident. Luckily nobody got injured for God’s sake. J and I enjoyed the rest of the husky safari and we took a nice break at a camping site.

Nice break at a camping site.

Despite the little incident, J and I still madly loved our husky babies. And we laughed our ass off the whole day upon recalling the funny scene. Husky safari in Finland is absolutely a once-in-a-lifetime experience for us that we wouldn’t miss for the world.

Madly loved our husky babies

Thank you Ang-Li for sharing this post.  Thank you for the pictures Karen and Wong and J.   Ang-Li looking forward to more of your travel adventures articles around the world!!  I am glad both of you survived the Sled accident and are ready for more adventures.

A thrilling experience,  at a speedy pace through the breathtaking Lappish scenery Ivalo, Lapland, Finland .

Herbed Chicken Stuffed Puff Pastry

Chicken Baida Roti Recipe

chicken stuffed puff pastry

Chop – 1 onion – 2 cups Cabbage – 2 green Chilli –  1 inch pc Ginger – handful Curry Leaves

Spice –  1 tsp  Cinnamon – 1 tsp. Pepper – 1 tsp. Turmeric.

Mince – 1 cup cooked Chicken

Filling –  Heat 1 tbsp. Oil – Chopped items  – fry 1-2 mnts – Add Spices Stir – Minced Chicken – Stir  fry 2 mnts – 1 tbsp Tomato paste – Salt  to taste – 1-2 mnts.

Stuff – Unroll Puff Pastry  – Pizza Size – Roll a bit more – Fill  one half and close with other half.

Bake – Preheat oven 200C and Bake for 20  minutes.

Delicious Chicken Stuffed Puff Pastry Ready to Eat. Slice and Serve with Mint or Coriander Chutney. Or just eat plain.

Note – Use Filling to make regular Chicken Stuffed Paratha.  Use left over fillings as a side dish.

During Ramzan or Ramadan the month of Fasting and feasting many streets in Bangalore are filled with Iftar Snacks.  My Brother bought us this Iftar  Snack for Tea Time while I was staying with Cousin Bindhu. 

Dear Bindhu, Timmy and Aleeta, thank you dears for your kind hospitality.   Flory Aunty I enjoyed our morning chats.   Aleeta it was great to meet your friends too and I had a lovely evening out with Geo and you eating burgers and icecream.

I would like to thank Bindhu’s Boss too on this occation.   Though I have never met him, whenever  I am visiting India he has always granted her leave to spend time with me.