Beef Pepper Fry

  Beef fry rice

Nadan Beef Fry Kerala Style Indian Recipe

Boil – 1/2 kg Beef  – Bite Size – 2 Onions – quartered  – 2 Green Chilli Slit – 2tsp. Salt – Bring to Boil.
Add – 1tsp each – Turmeric  – Garam masala – Ginger Garlic  Paste  +/- 1 cup water – Cook till Done (or pressure cook)
Spice Mix –  2 tsp. Pepper Powder – 1 tbsp. Corriender Powder – Pinch Chilli powder  – Pinch Garam Masala – 1 tsp Salt – 2 tsp. Viniger
Fry  – 1tbsp. Oil  –   2 cups Sliced Onions – Handful Curry Leaves – Translucent  – Add Spice – Stir  till Aroma – Add cooked Beef with Stock  – Saute till dry.
Garnish with Corriender Leaves – Serve with Rice or Chapati and Salad.

Note :  Add or  Reduce Chilli and Salt to Taste. Reduce Saute time if Sauce consistancy preferred.

This recipe was inspired by cousin Mini.  A beautiful recipe by a beautiful person.  She is a great inventive cook.   Thank you for all the delicious meals every time I visited india. Every meal tastes so special .
I enjoyed the Fish Feast made by you so much.  It was a dream come true.  Whole table filled with different types of Fishes Fried and Curried.   
The Secret ingredient in each of Minu’s recipe is love. Alfred and Geo seems to have inherited your cooking skills and the secret ingredient too.
With Amachi and Appachan and Mummy gone the whole family  look to you for moral support. I am sure Victor, Daddy, Sherl, Bindhu and Joy and all the kids agree with me.      I do not not have enough words to describe you.   Thank you for being Special and Wise and  Kind. 

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