Strawberry Semolina Slice

Strawberry Kesaribath

Blend  – 250 g chopped Strawberry – 2 tbsp. Honey – 1tsp Vanilla essence  – Coarse Mix

Boil –  Strawberry Blend – 3 mnts – Add 2 cups water  – 2 tsp Ghee – Bring to Boil – Strawberry Sauce

Saute – Heat Pan – 2 tsp Ghee – Handful Mixed Nuts – BerBerry – Stir a bit – Add 1 cup Semolina – Pinch Salt – Stir and saute 2-3 mnts

Cook – Add Hot Strawberry Sauce to Saute – Boil about  2 -3 mnts till Gooey – Turn Off Stove –  Pour in round container or mold.

Decorate – Rest Kesari Bhath to Set –  5 mnts  – Decorate with Strawberry peices.

Serve – Drizzle Honey on Top – Slice Gently and Serve

Delicious and easy  Dessert  Ready in a few Minutes.

Note : Use Sugar instead of Honey if preferred.   Cardamom powder in place of Vanilla.  Substitute Raisons for Berberry.

This recipe was shared by Santhosh.  Weekend Stay with Santhosh , Lyla and Akshansh is always a pleasure. 

 It is like a party with lots of cooking in the kitchen,  Shyla  entertaining us with many interesting stories.    In the background Akshansh and Kenny running up and down the stairs or with a cricket bat indoors, or a deck of cards with their quick jokes in between the chatter in the kitchen.     Santosh reading his news paper on the easychair .  Laughter and fun filled Family time.

Thank you dear Lylu for the delicious coconut chutney made with special care for my Travel Tummy.  Santhosh  I enjoyed our chats.   Waiting to write some of your travel stories.    

Akshansh and Kenny thank you for letting me win the card game a couple of times.   Let’s all work on our  Cards Shuffling Skills for the next time!!

How to Make Strawberry Kesari Bhath Recipe – Semolina Cake Indian Style.

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