Many beautiful things in life are for free. Lets Look around and find them.


Three things one doesn’t get bored of:

1. The Sky

2. Beach

3. A Smile

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13 thoughts on “Many beautiful things in life are for free. Lets Look around and find them.

  1. Well, I echo your thoughts. Nevertheless, for most mortal beings, the happiness associated with such subtle things such as the sky and children in inherently linked with how well you stand in the social circuit. A hungry person might not appreciate the blue sky. He needs food. A person with a damaged morale might not see beauty in a smile. He needs assurance. The crux is, how we do in the social layers, dictates how open we are to the simple things in life. From the street-side slum, all you see is the dark polluting smoke. The sky looks particularly royale when we watch it from our elevated apartments or maybe a vacation spot.

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    1. Oscar Wilde told us we are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars. I see where you are going with comment as it seems just as you say but a hungered man I have been a homeless army lost soul too but I never gave up my dream to build a home and I have done that too. You see the state of mind and love of God can achieve everything. I had never been a brick layer until to tried and now a four bed house in six acres landscaped gardens I have made myself. Dream big my friend get even half way there your happy having no debts and living as one should in comfort.

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