Forgiveness a Bridge to the Future

Forgiveness is not easy but we need to let go at some point to Heal and move Foward.

Forgiveness a Bridge to Future
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When you forgive, you in no way change the past but you sure do change the future.

– Bernard Meltzer




8 thoughts on “Forgiveness a Bridge to the Future

  1. To love life it is forgiving what we do or what history did.We are not responsible for ancestors sins thy have answered to God by now for hat ever they committed if anything. We are all individual beings in a massive family called mankind. We fight over lands that will never belong to us no county is yours or mine it is loaned as caretakers only all we have will one day mean nothing to us. Why burden ourselves with war let the politic members of Government fight it out themselves if that is their foolish wish. We are spirits immortal so we will be forever in debt for sins with all the time in the world to pay for each own. So brothers and sisters wake up and love each other as family. We are a long time dead before we know this other wise and that my friend is too late.

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