Kaddu Ka Saag – Creamy Lentil Spinach

Kaddu Ka Saag - Creamy Lentil with Pumpkin leaves

Boil – 1/2 Cup Yellow Lentils (toor Dal) – 1 tsp.  Turmeric Powder –  Until – cooked

Saute – 1 tsp. Oil – 1 knob butter –  1 tsp. each Mustard seeds – cumin – 1 chopped Onion -2 cloves Garlic –  2 green chillies  till translucent.  Add 1 tomato  and cook 3- 4 minutes.

Add – to above – Chopped Young Pumpkin leaves and flowers (4 -5 cups) – salt to taste –  bring to boil – Add Cooked lentils –  boil for 2 mins – Done.

Enjoy with Rice or Naan

Note :  Adjust Salt and Spice to taste. Use Spinach instead of  Pumpkin / Squash  Leaves.

Easy Vegetarian recipe with Indian Spices combined with  Creamy Lentils and Spinach of Choice.




Gözleme – Stuffed Turkish Flat Bread

Dough  – 2 1/2 cups  flour – 1/2 cup water – 1/2 cup yogurt – Form Dough

Filling – Spinach –  Lamb – Spices – cheese – herbs

Roll – Stuff – Fold Edges – Fry on Medium heat.

full details via Gözleme (lamb) — Wife of a Turkish Life

Recipe for Gozleme a traditional savoury Turkish flatbread or pastry filled with meat, spinach, feta milk or anything else you desire. To be honest the possibilities are endless. There are many variations of gözleme but as you know I always tend to put my own spin on recipes and create my own versions due to my taste, […]




Pasta Frittata  Recipe

Spinach Spagetti Fritatta

Cook –  200g Pasta – boiling water  – 6-8 mnts.  – Add 1 cup  Spinach leaves  -Mix –  Drain –  Let  Cool

Beat – 4 Eggs –  Pepper – Salt to Taste

Heat –  Pan – 2 tbsp. Butter – Low FlameSpread Paste-Spinach  –  Pour Beaten Eggs to cover Pasta – 4-5 mnts. – Slide on a large plate – Carefully Flip the frittata

Garnish – To above -Few Fried Bacon few Slices –   Bell pepper – 50g Grated Cheese –  Handful Parsley  – Cover with  Lid – 2-3 mnts.  Turn off  Stove – Done.

Slice and Serve hot or Cold. Yummy!!

Delicious Easy  Spaghetti Pasta Frittata  Recipe.  A great way of using up leftover Pasta for Super Quick to make for Lunch time snack or for a Picnic.


Vegan Spinach Pancakes

This is Finnish fast food. Not the vegan ones that is, but mine are vegan – my recipe is a vegan version of the Finnish favorite. Spinach pancakes are typically eaten with lingonberry jam. In fact they make a complete meal with mashed potatoes and a salad. Even schools serve it. The shop bought ones […]

via Vegan Spinach Pancakes — graphicgrub

Spinach Salad with Salmon and Warm Sweet Potatoes

Recipe for Warm Sweet Potato and Spinach Salad with Poached Salmon  with Honey Mustard dressing


Wash – Drain – 100 g Baby Spinach – Cut  – Cherry Tomatoes in Halves.

Poach –  1 cup Water – Pinch Salt – Boil – Lower Flame – 200g Salmon Filet – Simmer -10 Mnts – On a Plate – Flake into pieces and set aside.

Microwave  –  Peel -Dice – 2 medium Sweet Potatoes  – Coat 1 tbsp. Olive Oil – 1 tsp Garlic – Pinch Salt – Microwave – +/-6  Mnts.   – Till done

Dressing –  1 tbsp. Honey – 1 tsp. Mustard –  2 tbsp. Lemon Juice – 1 tbsp. Olive Oil – Pepper –  Salt to taste – Mix well

Serve – Spread Spinach and Tomato  on Plate –  Top with Sweet Potatoes and Salmon – Drizzle Dressing

Delicious Easy Salad for Supper ready to be Served.

Note – Use Smoked Salmon instead of Poached.   Roast Sweet Potatoes in Oven or Pan if preferred – Use Dressing of Choice.  

This Recipe was  Made and Shared  by my daughter Tina for dinner yesterday.


Recipe for Warm Sweet Potato Spinach Salad with  Poached Salmon  and Honey Mustard dressing