Cucumber Peanut roll – Easy Lunch Snack

cucumber roll

Slice – 1/2 Cucumber – 1/2 Onion – Semi Circle – Sliced Veg

Chrush – 1/2 cup roasted Peanuts – Chrushed Nuts

Filling –  Mix all the above

Dressing – Lemon Juice – Salt

Roll –  Spread filling on Chapatti – Roll  – Done

Note:  Use Durum Bread or Pita Bread instead of Chapatti. Use Vinegar instead of Lemon. Celery instead of Cucumber

Enjoy Crunchy delicious healthy lunch time snack with pickles or Sauce or just Plain. Quick and Easy.

When Sarah was studying in UK  I created  a list of Easy Veg lunch recipes for her.  This recipe comes from that secret list.

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