Potato Flower Pancake


potato cheese2
Potato Flower Pancake

Slice –  Wash  1 Big Potato – Slicly thinly – Coat with Oil

Arrange – Grease  Plate – Spread  Grated Cheese  – Arrange Slices overlapping

Microvave –  3 mnts – Turnover – 3mnts – Turn Again – spread grated cheese – pepper -salt to taste – Final 3 mnts ( Total 9 mnts)

Serve –  With Sauce of Choice.  Or eat Plain.  Delicious Cheesy Potato.   Quick Snack for Cheesy Cravings.  Enjoy!!  mmm…….

Note – Make 2 pancake with 1 big Potato.   Use herbs instead of Pepper.

P.S.  Pan Fried Version without Cheese is in Trial Stage.

potato cheese1
EntePotato Pancake with Parsleyr a caption


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