Quinoa Chia Bread – Healthy Healing Bread!!

Chia Bread

Soak  – 1 cups quinoa –  ¼ cup chia seeds – 1¼ Cup Water  overnight

Mix  – Soaked items – ¼ Olive Oil – ½ tsp Baking Soda  – ½ tsp Salt – 1 tbsp. Lemon Juice –  (Or Quick Blend – thick coarse batter) +/- extra water if needed.

Pour – Batter  – Baking Pan – Mix and Garnish – Handful Sunflower seeds – Pumpkin Seeds.

Bake –   Preheat oven –  160 C – 90 minutes.

Cool – Before slicing.

Enjoy this Gluten Free,Sugar Free, Eggless Bread !! Delicious and Healthy All in One!!  I call it the Healthy Healing Bread!!

Note : Lemon Juice is important to activate the baking soda. Add Ghee instead of Olive Oil.

Thank You Svetlana for sharing this recipe . I made this bread  and snacked on it the whole day!!  I will make a bigger one next time.   And thank you for all the Mind Body integration tips you shared with me. I am always Thirsty for more tips.

This Recipe was shared by my good Friend  who is truly passionate about physical and psychological health.  Having had a lot of cases of diabetics in her family back in Russia she is striving to control  her own family’s sugar intake and maintain a healthy diet. You can see more information about  Mind Body Interation on her web page sited below.  


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