Souvenir Shopping Sunny Stroll in Brussels – City of Temptations!! 

Brussels a City of Temptations!! 

Absolutely Irresistible Belgian chocolate!!

In Search of Fridge Magnets walking through  the Streets of Beautiful Brussels the Belgian Capital.


If you are not  a Chocolate Fan then there is always Belgian Beer.   It is said that Beer is Cheaper than water in Belgium.

1600 Different Kinds of Beers in Belgium!!

The Adventures of Tintin comics was written by Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi published in more than 70 languages !!

The Hergé Museum – The World of Tintin

 The origins of Manneken Pis is shrouded in mystery. Many  incredible tales  surround this  statue, most popular being how the little boy saved the City of Brussels.

Manneken Pis Symbol of Brussels

The Many Faces of Belgian Waffels. Tempting Waffels topped with Fruits, Cream, Chocolate or Caramel.   So many Toppings.  Need good decision making skills to choose the right one!!

Waffels Waffels Everywhere!!  Mmmm… which one should I choose….

Brussels a City for Chocolate Lovers.

Chocolate Founatin a Flood of Love ??

Oops still need to  buy my magnets!!  Sorry Shya will definetly find some for you before the shops close!!

Brussels A City  with High Choco Content!!

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