Rajma Rice Carrot Corn Salad – Easy Delicious Vegetarian Meal

corn carrotbbb7.jpg

Soak –  1 Cup Red Kidney Beans lots Water – 12 hours

Cook –  Soaked beans in 4-5 cups water – till Soft

Slice – 4 green Chilli – 1 Red Sweet Pepper /Capsicum – 1 inch pc ginger thinly .


Season –Heat 1 tbsp. Olive Oil – 1/2 tsp. Cumin – 1 /2 tsp mustard –  Sliced  items – Fry  3 mnts  – Add 1 cup tomato puree

Combine – Cooked beans to seasoning – Add Salt to Taste – Cook 5 mnts.  Done.   Garnish –  Corriender leaves.

Salad – Fry 1 Cup  corn-  little oil. – Grate carrot – add to the fried corn- Add lemon juice and salt

Garnish – Fresh coriander – Green chillies.  Mmmm…. delicious.


Serve Rajma Curry with Rice , Carrot Corn Salad , Pickles and Papad.   Quick Easy Delicious Vegetarian Meal Ready.

This Recipe was shared by  my friend Meera who now lives in Chennai with son Madhav and Husband Hari.   Hari-Meera lived in Leuven for many years.

Madhav I am not sure if you know this, your mom was more  Sarah and Tina’s friend  than mine.   Whenever I had Dutch classes she picked them from school and played with them till I got back.  She invited us to lunch on wednesday afternoons and made Samosas and Nans for the girls.   Sarah and Tina loved Meera Aunty.   When she went on holidays she bought back gifts for the girls.    

Meera, we had such a great time going swimming together, the only time I could have you all to myself. 

I make Meera Aunty Rajma Curry all the time.  My girls love it.   It is on  their  list of Top  Favourite Foods

Madav it was great to see you again last year in Chennai.   I am waiting to hear how many seconds you now take  to finish the Rubik’s cube.   Sure you are almost reaching the 5 second mark!!

Madhav, You have a great Mom and Dad and a wonderful Grandpa!! 

Dear Meera I’m glad you were there for me !! I’m glad that I can call you my friend!! 








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