Melting Mango Fish Curry – Mild or Spicy


Chop – 6 Shallots – 1 inch pc. Ginger – 2 Cloves Garlic –  2 green Chilli -1 Handful Curry leaves.

Cut –  2 Raw Mangoes- Peel cut in Quarters

Spice – 2 tsp. Kashmir Chili Powder (paprika powder) – 2 tsp. Chilli Powder – 2 tsp. Coriender Powder – 2 tblsp. Water – Mix to form Paste

Saute –  heat 1 tbsp Coconut Oil –  1 tsp. Mustard Seeds –  1 tsp. Fenugreed Seeds – Add Chopped items – Salt to taste – Fry till translusent.

Sauce – Low Flame – Add Spice Paste to Saute – Fry  +/- 2 mnts   –  2 cups Water Bring to Boil.

Curry  – Boiling Sauce – Mango – Boil –  1/2 Kg. Fish Chunks –  Cook Till Done -8-10 mnts  – Spicy

Mild –  Substitute Water with Coconut Milk – Mild Sauce.

Garnish – Fresh curry leaves – Drizzle of Coconut Oil.

Delicious Melt in Mouth Mango Fish Curry Ready .  Quick and Easy and Delicious.

Mmmm…….Love it. Serve with Rice or Puttu or Chapati or Bread.

Note : If Mangoes not Sour add a bit of Tamrind Juice.  Substitute Chilli with Paprika powder.

This recipe was Shared by Molly Aunty who lives in Australia, when she visited us 2 years ago.    We  love Molly Aunty Mango Fish Currry.

Molly Aunty and Robert Uncle  you are the Best!!  So Generous, Kind, Friendly, Funny , Loving.  We are so happy to have you in our lives.   Thank you for the late night chats, the wonderful walks and the extravagant gifts!! 

Last year visiting you in Australia was so fun and relaxing.   I felt so welcomed and at home.   The Beach,  the Shopping and the Casino and so many more things we did together.    

Joe’s Cocktails , Sonia’s Roast Beef and Wok,  The Dim-sums experience thanks to  Veena and Tony. Amazing.  

The  Remarkable Dance Performance by  Jas, Jord, Zenia and Rohan was a memorable Send Off  for me!!  Miss you all!!


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