Pace of Nature

Take a quiet walk with mother nature.

Adopt the Pace of Nature

It will nurture your mind, body, and soul.

– A.D. Williams


13 thoughts on “Pace of Nature

  1. working on a 6 acre landscaped gardens is a walk with mother nature but she makes me so tired after work i see it not as a walk but a demand to obey her. With or without her this garden will be made.Then perhaps my morning walk will be more sedate and worthy

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  2. Our world is a gift from God unfortunately, bad people have made life hard for too many. Nevertheless, beauty is all around. Take care.

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  3. That quote is a keeper! The beauty of nature does indeed nurture the mind, body, and soul, especially as we take the time to contemplate God’s wisdom and power to create it, and then turn our awe to gratitude.

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