Sprout Salad Honey Dressing

Sprouts Salad Honey Dressing

Soak – 1 cup Mung Bean (green Bean) in Water – 24 hrs – Drain – cover – leave in warm place  –  2-3 days –   Check  and wash beans every day.  Sprouted.

Chop – 1 appple – 1/2 cucumber – 6 cherry tomato – 1/2 onion

Grate – 2 carrots

Dressing –  Juice 2-3  lemon –  Salt  to taste –  1 tbsp. Honey

Salad – Mix sprouts  – chopped   and grated  items – dressing – Garnish with Coriander.

Delicious Fresh Sprout Salad.   Mmmm…..  so crunchy, sour, bitter -sweet salty Salad.


Note :    Replace apple with grapes. Grated Carrot with Coconut.





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