Mani Puttu Rice Dumpling in Coconut Sauce


Rice dumplings Maniputtu Coconut Milk sauce Dry Fruits Berberry
Mani Puttu Dry Fruit Garnish

Dough – 2 cups water – 1 tsp ghee – Pinch Salt – Boil – Stir – +/- 2 cups rice powder –  turn off  stove

Dumpling – Roll to form cherry sized ball

Cook – 2 -3 cups  Water –  pinch – cardamon powder/ Salt -Sugar to taste – Boil – add Dumplings – 5 mnts

Finish – Add 1 cup thick coconut milk – Boil 2 mnts – Dried Berberry to Garnish – cool 2 mnts. – Done

Enjoy Delicious – Gooey – Coconutty – Traditional comfort food.

Note : Steam  balls if preferred. Use regular Milk instead of coconut milk. Add more Milk if preferred. Use Raisons instead of Berries.  Enjoy without Garnish too.

This recipe is made with memories of my Grandma from Childhood.  Every evening  Grandma would sit in  her favourite cane chair listening  to the 4 O’clock Songs on the radio. This was the highlight of her day.   Sitting in her traditional clothes (chatt-bundu) she would call my Aunt – Mary can you make some Mani Puttu for me.   Amma your Mani Puttu lives on.

Granny was addicted to movies.  Everybody teased her about her movie addiction.  She watched the Tamil movie ‘Kadhalikka Neramillai’ (No time for Love) 12 times.  Each time in secret when Grandpa was at work.

Today we will remember you while enjoying this Puttu.

Mani Puttu in Coconut Sauce Recipe

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