End of Life’s Journey

My Uncle whom I called Daddy reached the end of his life’s Journey today.   Everytime I visited India, he was there to Welcome and Pamper me.

My Father’s brother an extension of my Dad, always there to support and Help us.  Daddy You had a good life self sufficient and independent. You set an Example to all of us.

You will live in our hearts forever.

25 thoughts on “End of Life’s Journey

  1. One life and its short but ethernal life is endless every one visit their family at end of own life . my uncle pwssed away and 3 day’s later my daughter was born , he even did not meet her 😦 and she see him everyday on pictures thats life is good luck all and live healthy long

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  2. Love indeed will NEVER die. Sorry for your loss. Eternity awaits us every one. Divine Love has opened the archway to ever after if we follow HIM. Blessings and Grace to you. XX

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