Food Tastes Better in Europe

Glimpses of European foods and Markets  through the eyes of a tourist.bbb

Guess who ate one of these cake slices? I did and it was divine. You can trust France to make killer-good-desserts. We are heading off now to explore new parts of Europe and are looking forward to the food. This cheese is well, French. It is raw milk, hand-made, and it is to die for. […]

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10 thoughts on “Food Tastes Better in Europe

  1. The food in Europe is amazing! Although my family and I are gluten intolerant, we can’t help but have a pastry when we go to Spain because they’re the best! 😆

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  2. Well, we “taste” with our eyes long before we taste things with our taste buds, and the food just looks so much more appealing in Europe than it does here in the United States. I think it is because food is actually prepared with love and is made more by hand rather than being processed and mass produced.

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  3. Looks wonderful. Nevertheless, we are having the much awaited festive season here in India. Durga Puja, Navaratri, etc. The intimidatingly long list of delicious culinary extravaganza could probably defeat any cuisines across the world. The sheer riot of spices, taste, and variety infuses the magical factor into it. From the road-side stall to the big-shot theme restaurants, it’s like the Nation is on appetite viagra.

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      1. Absolutely. The married couple might end up strangling each other a few years later, but the food at the marriage would be a memory that guests would nonchalantly discuss forever.

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