Life Full of Surprises

Life is full of surprises, so you may as well get used to it.

― Susan Meddaugh

life full of Surprises Love life on life terms and life will love you back.

Love life on life terms and life will love you back.

― Charles E Hudson




13 thoughts on “Life Full of Surprises

      1. Hello Nimi, thank you.
        Yes I am from Kanjirapally in Kerala now living in Thevara, Kochi. I was also overseas and worked in Philippines, HongKong, London And Kuwait.
        I have been to Belgium twice, once driving from INSEAD when I was doing a course there and then with my wife on holiday.
        When you come to India, do you go to Bangalore or come to Kerala also?

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      2. Always go to Bangalore. Try to visit Kerala when possible. Our extended family live in Kochi. I hve an old aunt (mom’s cousin ) in Thevara.

        Great to know you have visited Belgium and Europe. We may have crossed paths in Belgium or Kerala!!

        Wish you and your family a great weekend.

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      3. Hello Nimi, thank you.
        Initially we thought of settling down in Bangalore. Finally decided on Kochi, as most of family is in Kerala, got a beautiful apartment in the building where the owners of casino group (CGHEARTH) built their homes, on the Thevara waterfront. So rented out the bangalore apartments.
        Please let me know when you visit Kerala.

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