Pomogranate Apple Cucumber Salad -Indian Raitha Recipe

Cucumber Raitha Apples and Pomogranet Salad Recipe

Chop – 1/2 Cucumber – 1/2 Apple – 1 Red Onion  – Small Pcs.

Deseed – 1/2 Pomogranate – Remove Skin  – Deseed

Sauce – 1 1/2  Cup Creamy Yogurt – 1 tsp. Crushed Ginger – 1 tsp Salt

Mix – Chopped Items – Pomogranate Seeds  – Mix well with Sauce

Garnish – Sprinkle handful chopped Coriander Leaves

Serve Tasty Delicious Cooling Raitha Salad with Spicy Biryani or Chapati or Naan.  Or just eat plain.   A cooling Salad of Summer. 

Note : Use Pineapple or Grapes instead of Apples and Pomogranate.  Use parsley instead of Coriander.   Garnish with green Chilli if  spicy version preferred.

This Salad can be made with just Cucumber and Yogurt and any spice of your choice. A recipe which compliments Spicy Indian dishes or Biryani.   

This recipe was requested by my friend Maren who loves Yogurt and Fruits and thought it was a great Salad.   Dear Maren Matheo  and  Little Roma enjoy a great Vatation in Rome.

Indian Yogurt Condiment Salad Recipe with Fruits and Vegetables.


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