Birds Nest Cutlet/Kuruvi Koodu Cutlet/Potato Vermicelli Cutlet

Birds Nest Cutlet/Kuruvi Koodu Cutlet/Potato Vermicelli Cutlet

Deep's cook book

A delicious starter or snacks recipe that you can prepare to treat your guests in a get-together or a kitty party. This recipe is my bookmarked one. I used to prepare this cutlet so many times for guests and friends. This also i made it for friends family for dinner.  This is very simple and tasty snacks too. Crunchy outside and soft inside. The appearance of this cutlet seems like a bird nest with egg. I really remember when i made this cutlet for my hubby’s birthday party, all of our friends got surprised and loved this dish very much. Please do try this recipe and let me know how it turns out and your valuable comments here.

Serves : 20-25 cutlet

Prep Time : 10 mins         Cooking time : 5 mins each batch


Boiled Potato : 3 medium sized

Onion : 1 small chopped

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