Ethakka Vattayappam / Rice Cake with Plantain – Microwave Recipe

Ethakka Vattayappam / Rice Cake with Plantain - Microwave Recipe - Gluten Free Cake

Chop  – Peal – 1 Plantain – cut in Cubes

Sauce – Mix 1 tbsp. Rice Flour- 1/2 Cup Water – 2 Cups Coconut Milk – 2 tbsp.  Sugar – Pinch Cinnamon Powder  –  Stir Well – Bring to Boil  – 2-3 mnts –   Slow Fire –  Turn Off Stove

Batter – Mix –  1 Cup Rice Flour – 1 Cup Finely Grated Coconut (fresh or Dry) – Pinch Salt   – +/- 1 Cup water – 1/2 Cup Sauce – 1 Drop Vanilla Essence –  Thick Pouring Consistancy

Microwave – Pour Batter – Flat Bottom – Greased Dish – Decorate  Chopped Banana  – Sprinkle Pinch Cinnamon – +/-7 mnts.  –  Out of Microwave – Rest 5 Mnts.

Slice and Serve Hot of Cold with rest of the Sauce.  

Note : Use Cardamom powder instead of Cinnamon.  Use Jaggary instead of Sugar.  Substitute Coconut Milk with Regular milk.   Steam Cake  15 -20 mnts instead of Microwave if preferred.

I have been craving this cake for the last few days.  My mom made it all the time.    But this is the first time I have tried this.   The method and ingredients have changed slightly but the whole Appam was made and eaten in no time with beautiful memories of Amachi.

Delicious and Easy Recipe from Kerala India –  Ethakka Vattayappam / Rice Cake with Plantain Steamed or In Microwave drizzled with Coconut Sauce for  Breakfast or Evening Snack.