Easy Crustless Quiche / Frittata in Microwave

Sunday Easy Breakfast.

Indians Abroad Desi Videsh Me

Easy Crustless Quiche / Frittata in MicrowaveMicrowave – 2 cups chopped Leeks– 1 tbsp coconut oil –3 mnts.

Beat – 4 eggs – 1 tbsp. water – pepper – salt to taste

Combine – Veg out of microwave – pour eggs – mix – decorate sliced tomatoes – microwave 6 mnts.

Garnish – Out of Microwave – sprinkle cheese – herbs – Microwave 1 mnt.

Delicious Easy filling healthy Quiche in just a few minutes.

Note: Use spinach or Mushrooms or spring onions instead of Leeks. Enjoy!!

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