One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.  William Feather

6 thoughts on “Life

  1. Well, call us lesser mortals, but we often define our lives by how the society perceives it to be. Right from toddler days, we are forced into a social system that dictates and tweaks our lives as per popular conventions and processes. Any deviation from those pre-defined convention makes you an outcast, failure or unsocial.

    For example, I don’t find interest in dumb socializing. Chit-chatting with stupid strangers at social functions and act as if I have known them for ages. I hate that. But then, I am going against the social conventions. That makes me an outcast.

    I wrote something very similar in case you find it interesting :

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  2. It’s very much true, our life is ours, there’s no point in living up to other people’s expectations, what’s good for someone, isn’t necessarily good for me. Beautiful quote, and thakns for Following my blog.

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