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3 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Gardening is patience as my hedges planted this week may take 4 years to grow to anything. to be 14 feet high may take 6 years but I need then now.Then if I was like that would I have ever have bought them never mind plant then in this weather? we have not a single clue if we will be here tomorrow any of us as nothing was ever promised and tomorrow is as far away as sleep. I wake and talk to God with thanks as its in his hands I wake not mine. Now that is patience, or is it reality too.My great titles will mean nothing upstairs. In this day and age are they worth a fig to most i meet. Respect therefore is my word today folks.

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  2. Patience is aligned with contentment. Both of these can be fund in a relationship with God. Waiting in a long queue. (shuffling and rising blood pressure only harm)…..the ability to spiritually ‘connect’ higher does bring peace but contentment also flows if we come to accept be in a medical treatment or ‘other’ Accept what you cannot change, change only what you can in God’s Strength. That is the way to ‘contentment’ for circumstances and peace. PATIENCE also. Blessing! and Grace!


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