Cherishing Childhood

Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold -Joseph Chilton Pearce


Childhood for me was simply perfect.

When I recall all the  countless memories, all I can think of is laughter, joy and only happiness.

The age of about 1-7 had so immensly special moments, that whenever I think of them, I just want to go back. 

I never had to worry about anything, all I had to do was scream and I got what I wanted!

I never really had any responsibilities, except for sleeping, eating, laughing and playing, and then repeating that…

I was always around my friends and didn’t really have to worry about losing them… everything was easy.

As I am growing older from child to a teenager, there are obvious changes. Lots of responsibilities, listening to people responsibly, bearing with inherently unbearable situations just to be polite. As for friends, you really have to be careful about their feelings, relationships get more serious, and…

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8 thoughts on “Cherishing Childhood

  1. As children, we are not always under the microscope of social expectations. Because our hypocrite society doesn’t expect much from 2 years old. The moment you grow up, the burden of expectation kills you within. You turn into a machine struggling to churn out boxes of success, all the time.

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  2. Nicely done. Though I was bullied as a kid, that was only a small part of my youth.
    I loved to play outside with my real friends. I want my granddaughters and all children to know that sometimes kids or people hurt us because they are in pain, but that has nothing to do with us. All we need to do is focus and spend time with all the ones we have fun with. ❤️🦋🌀😘

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  3. me too. My heart grieves when I see the difficulties some kids face today because of a robbing of simple childhood values. Because Jesus Christ said……Come to me as little children for such is the Kingdom of Heaven , it was only as I’ve aged the true meaning has come for me. As we were meant to be where wonders and mystery abound is how life long we should still approach life. Let us all still be carefree in our spirits and soar like children as birds upwards in thoughts and ambitions. Also bless others who needs this in stressed lives. Come as a little child. COME!

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