Sambar – Luscious Veg Lentil Soup



Soak – Squeeze – Strain- Lemon-sized ball  tamarind – 2 cups Hot Water – 15 mints  – Extract Tamrind Juice.

Boil – 100g Toor Dal (Lentil)  – 1/2 tsp. Turmeric – 2-3 cups Water – Till Soft –  Cooked Dal

Chop –  Aubergine – Pumpkin –  Zucchini – Tomatoes – Carrots  – 3 cups Total – Bitesize Pieces – Mixed Veg

Cook – Mixed Veg – in Tamrind Juice – 2 -3 tsp. Sambar Powder -1/2 tsp.  Salt +/- 2 tsp – 20-25 mnts – Till done – Add Cooked Dal  –  Simmer  5 minutes.  – Done – Turn Off Stove.

Seasoning – Heat 2 tsp. Oil –  Add 1/2 tsp. Mustard – 1/2 tsp Fenugreek Seeds (optional) – 2 Dried Red Chillies – 1 mnt  – Add to Above.

Garnish  – With Corriender Leaves.

Serve – Sambar with Rice or  Dosa (Indian Pancake)

Delicious Sambar Ready.  Mmmm…. 

Note :  Add salt to taste.   Veg of Choice. Sambar Powder can be found in Indian Stores.

Everytime I visit India, my Friend Lakshmi  says I do not spend enough time with her.  So, this visit  I decided to meet her at the Airport and share the long ride home with her and go out to dinner before going home to family.

However, arriving at her home  to freshen up, Lakshmi’s Husband Murali insisted that I stay for dinner and he was going to make a Special Sambar  with Dosa for me.  This is the Sambar he made for Dinner that evening.   So Delicious and Different from how we make at home.  

Everytime I visit Lakshmi, she reminds her Son Arjun that I was with her at the Hospital when he was Born. She reminds Arjun about me every year for his Birthday too.  

Lakshmi, Murali and Arjun thank you for your Friendship and hospitality.   I enjoyed dinner once again at your place.

Sambar Spelt Saambaar, Sambhar or Sambaar,is a Lentil based vegetable Stew  from Tamil Nadu  and Karnataka in South India. A healthy tasty dish to include in all diets.


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