The Healing Touch

Remember to reach out and hold a needy hand…

As the power of healing is in a caring touch.

Savvy Raj

Have you really touched someone today Have you been embraced with expansive love Have you felt like reaching out with all your heart Have you held another’s hand in your hand… Great is the healing in a caring touch One handhold can lift a broken spirit One hug can heal another soul One step to […]

via The Healing Touch — Savvy Raj

12 thoughts on “The Healing Touch

    1. Yes indeed it is a hard Search. Life is a journey with lots of surprises in store. Wish you all the best.

      Read your email on your visit to Belgium. Yes Brussels has changed a lot I guess. However many hidden pockets of Beauty.

      Wish you a lovely weekend. N


  1. I have always believed in outreach. Don’t wait for someone to seek your help. It’s always noble to extend a helping hand without anyone asking for it.

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