Luscious Leeks in Tomato Sauce

Leeks and Bacon in Tomato Sauce recipe

Wash – 4 Leeks – Discard Roots and Outer leaaves

Chop – Green tops of Leeks  in  Small pcs. ;  Cut –  Stem in 2 cms. pcs.

Saute – 1 tbsp. Olive Oil – 200g Bacon pcs – 1-2  mnts. – Add chopped Pcs  stir – 1 mnt – Add Stem – Saute – 1tsp. Salt –   Low Flame  –  5-6 mnts.

Sauce – 1 tsp. Sweet Chilli  Powder  to above – Mix well – 1 cup Tomato Puree  – 1 cup water  – Bring to Boil – Cook on Low Flame – 5- 6 mnts –  Till Leeks are Soft.

Garnish  – With Dill or Parsley.

Serve Delicious Leeks in Tomato  Sauce with Pasta or Rice. Enjoy!!

Note :  Adjust salt and Spices to taste.  Use herbs of Choice.   Skip Bacon if vegetarian Version preferred.

Recipe for Slow and Gently  cooked Leeks and Bacon in Tomato Sauce.  The best way to cook Leeks to release its Sweet Luscious Flavours.


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