Spinach Spaghetti Frittata

Spinach Spagetti Fritatta

Cook –  200g Spaghetti  – in boiling water  – 6-8 mnts.  – Add 1 cup  Spinach leaves  -Mix –  Drain –  Let  Cool

Fry –  4  sliced Bacon – Fry Both Sides

Beat – 4 Eggs – 1/2 tsp. Pepper –  Salt to Taste

Cook – Heat Pan – 2 tbsp. Butter – Low FlameSpread Spaghetti Spinach  –  Pour Beaten Eggs to cover Pasta – 4-5 mnts. – Slide on a large plate – Carefully Flip the frittata – low flame  and Garnish and continute to cook

Garnish – Fried Bacon – Handful –  Cherry tomatoes/ Sliced Bell pepper – 50g Grated Cheese – 1 tsp Dried Parsley  – Cover with  Lid – 2-3 mnts.  Turn off  Stove – Done.

Slice and Serve hot or Cold. Yummy!! 

Note –  Use Vegetable of Choice.   Use chopped Bacon instead of Sliced or Skip it if prerred.

Delicious Easy  Spaghetti Pasta Frittata  Recipe.  A great way of using up leftover Pasta and Super Quick to make for Lunch time snack or for a Picnic.




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